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SpringBrook Village of La Crescent

Hear what our residents and families have to say about us!

Wonderful facility with staff that listen and accommodate your requests. Modern, up to date building.

Deb Addis

Excellent staff! Great communication. Beautiful, state of the art facility!


My family is so blessed that both parents are being taken care of here. My father was one of the first residents in the downstairs Memory Care Unit 2 years ago. My mother moved in 4 months ago in the upstairs unit. Even before the new management I would rate them high. The workers are Angel’s. I have spent over 100 hours at SpringBrook and have consistently seen loving, attentive care by the CMA’s. Except for a fantastic CMA being terminated (who new management I hope recruits back) – – he was speaking up about another resident with dementia hitting my father, I have only praise for this organization. To do this kind of work, you have to really care about and enjoy this population. It is a challenging profession.

My mother is also very happy and treated like a queen. When I’m talking to her over the phone, staff is always checking on her, coming to get her for meals or inviting her to activities.

Thank you SpringBrook, Mackenzie, Zach, Brittany, Chris, Crystal, Therese and all of you. I will be forever grateful that you were an extension of our family at our parents’ last stage.

Marcia Allen

In looking for an assisted living facility SpringBrook Village is a great fit. It’s a kind caring community that works to get to know the resident and family. It’s a clean and safe environment. The staff is quick to respond to your needs. Maintenance is excellent in helping at anytime. The place feels like home. It’s cheerfully decorated and designed with many common areas. We as family always feel welcome. They have so many activities that our family member is constantly in a social setting, which is so important. To see a smile daily from our loved one and always positive comments makes us know it was the right decision. Our family member said that it’s so comforting to be there and that they do extraordinary work.

Peggy Kendhammer

My mother moved into the memory care unit in 2018 during the first week they were open. We are currently very happy with the quality of care that my mom receives from the staff, which is a complete 180 degree shift from how we felt up until a few months ago. SpringBrook has LOTS of growing pains, and there were times when we seriously considered moving her…but I’m glad we didn’t. The new management team is responsive and the staff generally treat my mom like a queen. Is it perfect? No place is, but i’ts among the best out there, and they are committed to continual improvement. My advice to people choosing memory care anywhere is to ignore the fireplaces, the cloth napkins, and the fancy flowers. None of that matters. Make an unexpected visit and observe the staff. They will become the most important part of your loved one’s life, and there’s no substitute for quality care.

Beth Dolder-Zieke

My mother lives at Spring Brook in La Crescent in the memory care. Spring Brook have become a part of our family. They truly love my mom and she is very happy living there. Soon after my mom moved in, the staff learned that my mom was an Activity Director for 19 years at a nursing home and she still loves to sing and play the piano so they brought in a piano to her wing so she can play it anytime she desires. The staff do a great job making my mom feel very important and loved. My mom always brags about how delicious the food is and always looks forward to meal time. The activities at Spring Brook have improved. She loves sing alongs and when they bring in special music to entertain the residents. The Community Director is a joy to work with and is very approachable. My mom is happy, is well taken care of and feels safe. Spring Brook is a beautiful facility and hire people who have compassion and want to be at work.

Lisa M

My father has lived at Springbrook for almost 2 years and my mother recently moved in as well. The owners hired new administrators/director in the last 6 months or so and what a positive difference it has made. The nurses/administrators who are now running the show are all very approachable, organized and are hands on managers. Every one of them takes the time to help me and to get my questions answered. They are very dedicated to making sure the staff are well trained and that things are being done correctly. My parents have consistently positive comments about the food, about how nice/friendly everyone is, how there is always someone to talk to, etc. My parents never have any negative comments about Springbrook and I try to check in with them often about this. My mom says they seem to know what she needs before even she does and that the staff take the time to talk with her, not just “check on her” if she is in her room. She is pretty social so she is not often in her room. There are a lot of activities to help her with organizing her day. I feel like my mom and dad are valued and treated with respect.

Rich Nelson